Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing use in a strategic way to have good useful information for users and Google

MRCO-Egypt can analyze the different ways content marketing can be used across the buyer’s channels, A content marketing strategy plan means how content marketing (not content) can be used in a strategic way to have good user useful information which user looking for it and Google looking for it to ranking your website based on unique and useful content you offer to your user.

Content strategy should answer all of the questions will face when setting your strategy for unique content at your website, blog, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube … etc.

MRCO-Egypt helps you to write business content marketing goals

Buyer Personas & Content

A buyer is a key segment of your audience, MRCO-Egypt’s team will help you create content tailored to the needs of the perfect audience.

We can recreate a set of content strategies for products and services for your ideal audiences.

Does everybody who is creating content in your organization have that same vision of your ideal audience?

Documenting your personas, even if it is done in a quick way, is key to keeping everybody focused on the same audience.

Content Marketing KPIs

MRCO-Egypt writes content for a business while understanding the purpose of the content, for whom we write, as well as the main business goals and brand objectives.

Content marketing KPIs can measure such as increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website, or generate sales leads to convert more leads into customers.

Sales lead generation should be the goal every content marketing team should set.

Marketing Goals & Content

Content marketing is strategic marketing focused on creating and delivering valuable and relevant content to attract and retain audiences that are ideal to drive profitable customers through a call to action.

A content marketing strategy should establish and plan the valuable information that is first provided to your targeted audiences, and then sell to turn them into regular customers that match your business goals.

Content Marketing & Customers Engagement

Content can serve many goals but customer engagement is always at least an intermediate goal in developing a content plan.

Content for customer engagement is about being relevant, which can respond to business and brand needs.

Focusing on the wants, emotions, likes, and behavior of your focus audience to interact is one of the major keys in content marketing strategy and should set in the action plan for content writing and published via social media channels, blogs, and websites.

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